Day 44 (Tuesday)

9 05 2012

Hit 1,000 calories again today and then did an ab machine and biceps since I missed them yesterday.  Another awesome workout!!!


Day 43 (Monday)

9 05 2012

Had a great day!  Ended up chatting with one of the other regulars at the gym and before I knew it I was over 1,000 calories on the treadmill!!!  Did upper body strength training after that.  Don’t know where I got all the energy but it felt GREAT!  Planning to really kick it in the butt this week and next before I leave for NYC.  Half my plans involve food of some sort. lol  NY Slice, food vendors, lots of drinking………………

Day 41 (Saturday) & 42 (Sunday)

6 05 2012

Saturday:  700 calories in 45 minutes of cardio and legs

Sunday:  800 calories in cardio in an hour.  Ran for the first time in ages doing day 1 of C25K.  Hoping the joints can handle it now that I weigh less and am more toned but we shall see how it goes.  Last time I tried to do the program I made it about 3 weeks in and injured my hip.

I’ve decided I need to track my workouts better and get into more of a routine not with GOING to the gym but with what I’m doing for my cardio and strenth training.  I’m going to keep with my strength training schedule of three days/week doing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Saturday.  I plan to run three days a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday which will be cardio only days.  I think I may buy a small notebook to write down what I’ve done so that I make sure I’m building up my workouts, increasing the weights or reps, etc.

Today at the gym my body idol was there. lol  I see this girl at the gym nearly every day (there are actually a couple women there that I idolize).  Well today after her workout she went upstairs and I could tell she had her competition suit on under her tanktop and shorts.  I went and peaked and she was getting advice on posing and what not.  In clothing she just looks to be in really good shape, but Matt and I took a closer look at the photo up front and saw that she won a competition about a month ago.  This chick is RIPPED.  Holy abs!!!!  I don’t necessarily aspire to look like that but it’s definitely EXCELLENT motivation to keep going at what I’ve been doing.

Day 38, 39, 40 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

5 05 2012

So on Tuesday I went over to what we had planned to be our new gym and requested guest passes to try it out first.  I am SO glad I did this.  On Wednesday we each had our first workout at the new club and completely HATED it!  From our tour a month ago, the place appeared to be awesome.  They have a pool, raquetball, hottub, basketball courts…….all things our old club doesn’t.  The problem?  It was so freaking hot and humid in there!  All the cardio equipment is on the second floor which is very open and overlooks the main floor where the weight equipment is.  Sounds nice, right?  Yeah…..not so much.  Apparently they have the world’s shittiest AC system since it was hot and humid upstairs.  And there are NO fans for air circulation.  Every gym I have ever belonged to (Bally’s in Milwaukee, Bally’s here, Bally’s in AZ, Lifetime) has had a fan system of some type.  Either ceiling fans or fans that blow down onto the equipment.  NOTHING at this sh*thole.  I usually do a full hour on the treadmill on days I’m not doing my strength training but was barely able to get to the 35 minute mark without dying.  I was DRENCHED in sweat.  So much so that instead of hitting the tanning salon on the way home I had to bail and come straight home to shower.  Not to mention that their equipment is cheap as f*ck.  I would buy a better treadmill than that for HOME USE!  Yikes.

As a result, on Wednesday night (same day) we went back to Lifetime (our old gym) and talked with them about our options.  Matt gets a discount from his employer so he’s going to look into that before we sign up and they hooked us up with guest passes for the next week until he’s able to do that.

So……on Thursday morning I was happy as a clam to get back to MY gym that actually has AC and fans for air circulation.  So Wednesday was a light workout but Thursday I kicked my own @ss to make up for it.

Friday I got up and intended to hit the gym with Matt when he got home from work.  Well, during the day I decided to deep clean the downstairs and actually worked up a pretty good sweat doing so!  I decided I needed a shower even with plans to hit the gym later on.  I had some time to kill before hubby was to get home so I decided to go through the spare bedrooom closet (where all my old ‘skinny’ clothes are hanging).  I hadn’t tried any of this stuff on since late March/early April.  To my own amazement I fit into ALL of my old clothes at some level!!!!  Pants that I hadn’t even been able to zip last time now zip easily!  Some are still a bit snug in the waist and I won’t feel comfortable wearing these things out of the house quite yet but others fit fine and have been moved into my main closet.  At my biggest I was a size 16.  After losing 10 lbs on my own (prior to the wedding) I was wearing a 14.  Well, I’m now into 12’s and am able to zip shut a size 10!!!!  I have capri pants from Express (sizes run a bit small) that are a size 12 and I have not worn these since probably 2007.  Well…….they fit!  A few more pounds and I’ll be able to wear them confidently!!!  I am STOKED. I truely had NO idea that I had lost so many inches.  I thought I had a couple months to go before being able to zip up my size 10’s.

I think this just goes to show that the scale is not the only thing you should be watching.  Clearly I have gained muscle and that has kept my weight loss lower but my body has changed quite a bit!  I’m now finding myself in the 181/182 range which is truely only 6-7 lbs lost since the beginning of April but I’ve dropped a full size already to a 12 and can even fit in some 10’s!!!!

So, hubs got caught up at work and the gym went down the drain yesterday but I decided I deserved a day off. LOL  Today (Saturday) I am back at it.  Hubs got called into work at about 9am and I’m heading to the gym as soon as I finish typing this!  I’m planning another killer workout like I did on Thursday doing both cardio and strength training.  I figured I’d blog a bit and kill some time though since it’s now 9:50am and it’s probably as busy as it will get all day at the gym.  We find if we wait until 11am or 12pm it’s a lot easier to get on equipment and not have people in the way!

Day 34, 35, 36, 37 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday)

2 05 2012

Well I’ve fallen behind a bit in blogging due to being sick.  Have also been behind in getting to the gym.  Started with a sore throat on Saturday which quickly moved to sinus issues.  I made it to the gym on Monday morning when I thought I felt better only to feel horrendous on Monday night.  Did not make it yesterday but feel like I’m ready to get back at it today!  Back on track we go with the gym, the eating, and the blogging 😉

Day 33 (Friday)

27 04 2012

I am EXHAUSTED!  Working on getting up early every day and have been up at 7am the last two days.  I realize that in the grand scheme this isn’t early but I am adjusting so for me it is! lol  Got up, went to the gym, burned 500 calories and then did strength training focusing on my legs since A and I did mostly arms on Wednesday.  After that I came home and mulched the entire front of the house.  I am BEAT!

Tonight we are going to the Colts draft party down at Lucas Oil.  Andrew Luck is making an appearance and while I will miss Peyton it’s time to accept the change, support the team, and move on.  I will note………….still dislike Irsay 😉  Looking forward to some half price consessions.  I’m hoping the beer is half price! lol  Here we come, cheat night!

Day 32 (Thursday)

27 04 2012

Burned 750 calories in cardio yesterday and saved up all my calories for dinner. lol  Well….I didn’t starve myself, but I was VERY careful what I ate as we went to Houlihan’s for dinner.  I had my bday certificate for a free meal and wanted to go on Thursday when they have the free lobster tail with your steak!  It was worth saving calories and I did track what I ate (including dinner) and miraculously only was over by 200 calories more than normal.  I figure that’s ok since I burned off 750 that morning 😉