Wednesday, June 13

13 06 2012

So I’ve stopped counting the days and keep forgetting to blog.  I’m finding that I don’t need to blog to stay motivated like I did in the beginning.  I’m down to 178 and starting to get my sexy back.  I feel a lot more confident in myself and my body and can’t WAIT to go to Vegas this weekend.  I’m not where I want to be quite yet but I think the fact that overall I’m down 20lbs from my highest weight of 198 is AMAZING.  I am soooo  proud.

I’ve transitioned a bit in that I’m doing more running outside than I am going to the gym.  Last week Wednesday and Thursday I ran 5 miles BOTH days.  I took Friday and Saturday off.  Sunday I ran 3 miles, Monday 4 miles, and Tuesday 6 miles.  Since I did my long run yesterday I took today off from cardio and did some exercises with the dumbell that I bought.  I figured if I’m not getting my butt to the gym to do strength training that I needed to have a weight at home to work with.  I eventually plan to buy a second one so that I have a set but right now alternating sides with one weight is working just fine.  I will continue to update periodically, but as far as I know I don’t have any avid followers so I don’t think my lack of blogging is disappointing anyone. LOL


Day 67 (Thursday)

31 05 2012

725 calories burned on the treadmill and did strength training for biceps, triceps, shoulders and lower back.  I feel GREAT to be getting back at it after a bit of a hiatus.  Hoping tomorrow the rain will hold off and I can get in my 5 mile run for the week 😉

Day 66 (Wednesday)

30 05 2012

Day 64 – Memorial Day!  Enjoyed a day of nothing with the husband and our four-legged child!

Day 65 – Did 30 minutes on the precor machine and followed that up with a full body workout of strength training.  Felt good to get back at it!

Day 66 – Ran 3 miles and for the FIRST TIME I ran all three miles.  NO WALKING!  So damn impressed with myself.  Also averaged a 9:18 mile!!!!!


I haven’t lost any additional weight yet since I’ve been kind of slacking and not eating 100% with the vacation and holiday weekend but I’m back on track this week with tracking my food and exercise.  I have just over 2 weeks until we leave for Vegas so I’m hoping I can drop a pound or two during that time.  I feel great IN my clothes but I’m still not where I want to be in the way of feeling good in my bikini.  I am thinking I may have to stick with the one piece swimsuits this Vegas trip!  I do have to say though that even those fit better than they did back in February when we went to Mexico.

Day 62 (Saturday)

26 05 2012

Wednesday I ran 3 miles and Thursday 5 miles.  Friday I took off.  Today was waaaaayyyy too hot and humid for me to run outdoors so I had to suck it up and head to the gym (much to my dislike).  I burned 700 calories on the treadmill.  Not a bad day.

I have yet to do any strength training since getting back.  It was even too hot in the gym and it was a pain in the ass to even get to 700 calories via the treadmill but at least I am getting my cardio.  The temps are supposed to drop mid-week so hopefully by Wednesday I can go back to running outside.  Until them, the gym it is!!!!

Day 58 (Tuesday) Back from NYC

22 05 2012

So other than walking around Manhattan on Friday and Saturday there was no real exercise while on vacation.  I don’t feel like I ate all that bad  except for the late night drunken pizza Friday after the concert LOL.  The majority of my caloric intake over the weekend was definitely liquid!

Today I am back to tracking my calories and being a good girl.  I was unsuccessful in getting up this morning to hit the gym before an interview and thought about running outside upon return but the weather looks iffy.  So… a result…..I have been lazy and taken today off.  Tomorrow I need to get back on the gym train.  Don’t want all the hard work I’ve put in to go to waste!!!

52 (Wednesday)

16 05 2012

Just got home a bit ago from my first outdoor run.  I am in SHOCK!  I ran 5:02 miles in just over 52 minutes.  My average was a 10 minute 29 second mile!!!!!!  Who knew?  I had no idea I could already do a 5k and am in complete and utter shock.

This may be my last post until next week.  Friday morning we are leaving for NYC and won’t be back until Monday.  If I have time tomorrow I will post but I’m not sure with packing and preparing for the trip that I will have the time.

Day 45 thru Day 51

15 05 2012

Well, I don’t really seem to need to blog as much to keep myself motivated.  I think this means that working out is now a part of my life and not something I struggle to do.  (Don’t get me wrong….there are still days I have to argue with myself over going to the gym)

I worked out each of the days this post is for except for one……Day 48 (Saturday)… we chose to take the day off.  The last few days I’ve weighed in at 181 and am feeling really good about that.  I still want to see more weight drop but that’s 7lbs in roughly 7 weeks since starting on this journey.  The scale is continuing to fluctuate but the low end is getting lower, as is the high end of the fluctuation.

I’m still doing my cardio and strength training and have even begun the C25K program.  Today was WEEK 2 DAY 2 and I’ve been running on days I don’t do the program as well.  Yesterday I actually ran 15 minutes straight on the treadmill at a 3.0 incline, 5.3 speed.  Last week I did 10:30 straight so I can definitely see my endurance is building.  I think as long as I keep up with the workouts and eating right I will continue to see the weight come off.  Hopefully I can get down to where I want to be both weight wise and more so looks/clothing fit wise.

Friday we head to NYC and I know that it’s going to be 4 days of street food, NY pizza, and drinking.  I am taking some workout clothes and hope to feel up to going for a run one or two days so that I don’t feel like I’ve done nothing.  I’m nervous about taking 4 days off from the gym and  don’t want to lose my drive to go!