Day 66 (Wednesday)

30 05 2012

Day 64 – Memorial Day!  Enjoyed a day of nothing with the husband and our four-legged child!

Day 65 – Did 30 minutes on the precor machine and followed that up with a full body workout of strength training.  Felt good to get back at it!

Day 66 – Ran 3 miles and for the FIRST TIME I ran all three miles.  NO WALKING!  So damn impressed with myself.  Also averaged a 9:18 mile!!!!!


I haven’t lost any additional weight yet since I’ve been kind of slacking and not eating 100% with the vacation and holiday weekend but I’m back on track this week with tracking my food and exercise.  I have just over 2 weeks until we leave for Vegas so I’m hoping I can drop a pound or two during that time.  I feel great IN my clothes but I’m still not where I want to be in the way of feeling good in my bikini.  I am thinking I may have to stick with the one piece swimsuits this Vegas trip!  I do have to say though that even those fit better than they did back in February when we went to Mexico.




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