Day 45 thru Day 51

15 05 2012

Well, I don’t really seem to need to blog as much to keep myself motivated.  I think this means that working out is now a part of my life and not something I struggle to do.  (Don’t get me wrong….there are still days I have to argue with myself over going to the gym)

I worked out each of the days this post is for except for one……Day 48 (Saturday)… we chose to take the day off.  The last few days I’ve weighed in at 181 and am feeling really good about that.  I still want to see more weight drop but that’s 7lbs in roughly 7 weeks since starting on this journey.  The scale is continuing to fluctuate but the low end is getting lower, as is the high end of the fluctuation.

I’m still doing my cardio and strength training and have even begun the C25K program.  Today was WEEK 2 DAY 2 and I’ve been running on days I don’t do the program as well.  Yesterday I actually ran 15 minutes straight on the treadmill at a 3.0 incline, 5.3 speed.  Last week I did 10:30 straight so I can definitely see my endurance is building.  I think as long as I keep up with the workouts and eating right I will continue to see the weight come off.  Hopefully I can get down to where I want to be both weight wise and more so looks/clothing fit wise.

Friday we head to NYC and I know that it’s going to be 4 days of street food, NY pizza, and drinking.  I am taking some workout clothes and hope to feel up to going for a run one or two days so that I don’t feel like I’ve done nothing.  I’m nervous about taking 4 days off from the gym and  don’t want to lose my drive to go!





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