Day 41 (Saturday) & 42 (Sunday)

6 05 2012

Saturday:  700 calories in 45 minutes of cardio and legs

Sunday:  800 calories in cardio in an hour.  Ran for the first time in ages doing day 1 of C25K.  Hoping the joints can handle it now that I weigh less and am more toned but we shall see how it goes.  Last time I tried to do the program I made it about 3 weeks in and injured my hip.

I’ve decided I need to track my workouts better and get into more of a routine not with GOING to the gym but with what I’m doing for my cardio and strenth training.  I’m going to keep with my strength training schedule of three days/week doing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Saturday.  I plan to run three days a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday which will be cardio only days.  I think I may buy a small notebook to write down what I’ve done so that I make sure I’m building up my workouts, increasing the weights or reps, etc.

Today at the gym my body idol was there. lol  I see this girl at the gym nearly every day (there are actually a couple women there that I idolize).  Well today after her workout she went upstairs and I could tell she had her competition suit on under her tanktop and shorts.  I went and peaked and she was getting advice on posing and what not.  In clothing she just looks to be in really good shape, but Matt and I took a closer look at the photo up front and saw that she won a competition about a month ago.  This chick is RIPPED.  Holy abs!!!!  I don’t necessarily aspire to look like that but it’s definitely EXCELLENT motivation to keep going at what I’ve been doing.




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