Day 33 (Friday)

27 04 2012

I am EXHAUSTED!  Working on getting up early every day and have been up at 7am the last two days.  I realize that in the grand scheme this isn’t early but I am adjusting so for me it is! lol  Got up, went to the gym, burned 500 calories and then did strength training focusing on my legs since A and I did mostly arms on Wednesday.  After that I came home and mulched the entire front of the house.  I am BEAT!

Tonight we are going to the Colts draft party down at Lucas Oil.  Andrew Luck is making an appearance and while I will miss Peyton it’s time to accept the change, support the team, and move on.  I will note………….still dislike Irsay 😉  Looking forward to some half price consessions.  I’m hoping the beer is half price! lol  Here we come, cheat night!




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