Day 29 (Monday)

23 04 2012

Getting ready to head to the gym in a bit……only two more sessions with A including today and I’m sad that I won’t have that extra motivation anymore ;(  I will miss his extra push but I know I can do this on my own.  It’s been a full month and I’ve been in the gym 6 days every single week and 7 days this past week.  Friday I actually lifted legs on the machines for the first time and miraculously didn’t even get sore except for feeling a bit tight on the backs of my legs.  I guess that means all those squats and lunges and wall sits have paid off!

I want to do an updated picture but I’m scared that I’ll look at it and won’t see the results like I want to.  I don’t want to do anything to discourage myself, especially given how motivating the scale has been and how great my hubby has been.  We’re always more critical of ourselves so I fear that a picture isn’t a great idea quite yet.  I wish I had taken my measurements before beginning but sadly did not.  I took them today and wrote them down for future use.  On Thursday I’m going to ask A to let me do the body fat percentage test so I can see if that has changed.  ::fingers crossed::

So…..a month in and I’m down 5lbs and feeling good.  I wish the weight would disappear faster but I didn’t gain it in a month and won’t lose it that fast either.  I’m learning patience in this process. lol


EDIT:  425 calories on the treadmill plus a killer weight/cardio workout with A.  He kicked my butt today!




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