Day 26 (Friday)

20 04 2012

So at my highest weight ever I was 198.  Before I started working out 3.5 weeks ago I was 188.  This morning I weighed my lowest in YEARS at 183!  I know that I’ve gained muscle weight while losing fat so I’m stoked to see a whole 5lbs dropped off the scale and to be 15lbs lighter than I was at my heaviest!  I’ve been weighing myself every morning when I get out of bed and since my scale weights in 10ths of a pound I’m able to see it drop a bit each and every day!  This week seems to be my fastest week of losing yet so I’m jazzed to finally see the difference.  The first two to two and a half weeks were frustrating as I wasn’t seeing much difference but I can now see that my hard work is paying off!!!!  That muscle I’m building must be helping my body to burn fat even faster!  Wooohoooo!!!!

I’m debating if I will do any strength training today or save it for tomorrow.  I’m thinking we’ll see how I feel when I get to the gym today.  I plan to incorporate some weight machines instead of just doing the lunges/squats/etc so I know I’ll be at my sorest two days following.  I’m thinking it’s better to do it today and be sore on Sunday.  If I wait until tomorrow I’ll be sore Monday when I have my session with A.  Hmmmmm…….




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