Day 24 (Wednesday)

19 04 2012

Had a great 45 minutes on the treadmill before my session with A.  Burned 575 calories not even counting our personal training session!!!

I had been having some issues with spells of dizziness where my heartrate would go up, I would feel exhausted and weak, and would need to sit down.  It felt like my heartbeat was irregular.  I would make it through an entire workout and then have one of these spells before leaving the gym, or upon returning home.  I’ve had them hours after my workouts too after something as simple as walking down our flight of stairs.  I noticed that this was happening when I hadn’t had a lot to eat yet.  So I made sure this week to really watch what I was eating.  Made sure to have some carbs and not just protein before working out and that has seemed to help.  I think I’ve resolved the issue and realized that this happens when my blood sugar is too low.

So……just a warning to make sure you are eating a balanced meal and having enough calories/carbs before working out.  I thought I was going to have to make a trip to a cardiac doc but at this point I’m holding off since I’ve been able to eliminate the issue this week through diet.

This morning (Thursday) I appear to have a knot in my muscle just below my elbow.  At least I’m hoping it’s a knot and not a pull/strain.  It hurts to straighten my arm.  Apparently I’m going to slowly fall apart while getting in shape. lol




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