Day 21 (Sunday) THREE WEEKS!!!

16 04 2012

Sunday I burned 600 calories in cardio and repeated a few strength training moves from Friday.  Also did some abs for the first time.  A wanted me to build my core and focus on that first so I waited until not to start working them.  Definitely feeling that today!

It has officially been three weeks since I began working out.  I have been in the gym 6 days/week each week!!  There have been days I did NOT want to go but I’ve managed to talk myself into going and doing something.  Some of those days have been “light days” with no strength training and only 500 cardio calories burned but I think if 500 calories is a light workout then I’m doing something right! 😉  I feel like the gym has become a part of my lifestyle now and while I don’t always WANT to go, once I get there I’m always more motivated and end up getting in a good workout.

Only four more sessions left with Alex, two this week and two next week, before I am completely on my own.  ;-(

I’ve also done a great job sticking with eating healthy over the last 3 weeks.  I’ve allowed myself ONE cheat meal each week and while the splurge is always nice I also notice that my body doesn’t react well the next day to the “crap” I ate the day prior. lol  I feel sluggish the next morning and don’t seem to have as much energy.  I think my body is really getting used to this healthy thing.  It’s amazing to see friends post about eating out on facebook and instead of being jealous of what they had I’m proud that I’m doing so well and don’t even WANT what they had!!!!  Instead I look and think “OMG, imagine the fat content in that!” or “That’s my caloric intake for the DAY!”

::pats self on back for three weeks of hard work::






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