Day 19 (Friday)

13 04 2012

Goooood morning!  Felt VERY unmotivated this morning upon waking up but have talked myself into being motivated and am not getting excited for my personal training appointment today.  I’m ready to kick some bootay!

We bought a scale last week and I’ve been obsessively weighing myself. LOL  I never consider myself “down to” a certain weight until I can weigh at that weight or lower several times.  And I can now say that it appears I am successfully down about 3 pounds since starting this journey.  Considering the strength training and obvious gain in muscle this makes me EXTREMELY excited and definitely helped motivate me this morning.  The scale is the lowest I have seen it in probably two years and I’m beyond excited to keep it going and watch it get even lower.

I now have one month until we leave for New York and two months until Vegas (and wearing a swimsuit).  I’m hoping I can drop another 5lbs by the time we leave for New York and about 10lbs by Vegas.  I think if I keep up the hard work in the gym I can get there.  I’m sad that I will be saying goodbye to Alex at the end of this month but he is teaching me what I need to do to maintain my workouts and keep amping them up even further.

All of our strength training has been off the weight machines except for a couple of cable machine items and I think that helps me.  I would rather do squats and lunches and wall sits than lift. LOL  He said that once I am done with him and leave for the other gym (we are changing locations due to price) that I can start mixing in some weight lifting.  I think by that time I’ll be motivated enough by my weight loss that I’ll be able to do that no problem.  If all else fails I’ll just have to get a trainer at the new gym for a few sessions to help me get started with the lifting but I think I’ll be ok on my own.  I also want to try to take some classes at the new gym like spin and an aerobics or zumba class to mix it up.  I just didn’t want to start this now as I was afraid I’d fall in love with a class and then have to leave it.

Oh……………the muffins were a success!  They are DELICIOUS!  I want to eat them all!!! lol




2 responses

13 04 2012

Nice work Shannon! You are doing great and you motivate me by reading all that you are doing and how you are staying on track! See you soon! 🙂

13 04 2012

Thanks girl! Being able to see it written down somewhere really helps me!

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