Day 13 & 14 (weekend)

9 04 2012

The weekend went very well.  I worked out on Saturday burning 400 calories in cardio and repeating some of my strenth training from my workouts with A.  Sunday did just cardio but burned 850 calories.  We then came home and worked in the yard where I’m pretty sure I burned some more calories and did some non-traditional strenth training! lol

Two weeks in and I do feel like I’m seeing a difference in my body.  I feel like my tummy is not as round.  I’m also finding I’m feeling more motivated to get to the gym.  It’s becoming a routine and it’s not only easier to go, but once I get there I just want to keep going and going and going.  Yesterday I did over an hour on the treadmill and if it wasn’t for hubby being ready to leave I think I would have kept at it for another 15-20 minutes!

Today (day 15) the plan is a session with A at 12pm and then cardio with hubby later this afternoon.  He had to be into work early this morning to help out his boss so didn’t get to the gym before work as planned.  Tomorrow we PLAN to start going in the morning at 5:30am before he leaves for work.  I’m going to get up and go with him.  I need to get used to getting up so that when I get a new jobby job I am able to keep in my gym routine!




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