Day 12 (Friday)

6 04 2012

I am feeling most excellent this morning!  Had breakfast and some coffee and just waiting for everything to digest to head off to the gym.

Last night hubby said he can see a difference in my physique!!!!!  He said I’m “Less…..(pause while he looked for the right word)……soft”.  Which was AWESOME to hear.  It’s been difficult.  I KNOW I am losing fat and building muscle and that’s why the scale is moving more slowly than it did when I was just doing cardio and burning fat without working on building lean muscle.  I just keep telling myself that I’m doing it the RIGHT way this time.  I know that more lean muscle = burning the fat faster.

I have a stash of clothing that doesn’t fit that I know I can get back into and that has become a bigger goal than the weight loss itself.  I have two pairs of jeans that I wore on my first trip to Vegas with Matt back in February 2008 that I am DETERMINED to get into.  Hopefully by the time we head to Vegas in June.  Once I get into those I have a whole collection of Limited capris pants and a pair of work pants from there that I WILL wear again!  Would be nice to get into those in time for Vegas too but I don’t want to make my goals too lofty.  I didn’t put the weight on overnight and I know it’s not going to melt off without a lot of hard work and that it’s going to take some time!

I have been having a GREAT time experimenting with smoothies and protein shakes!  I have made a chocolate covered strawberry shake, a chocolate & peanut butter shake, and a chocolate covered banana shake.  YUM!  It is dessert in a glass and helps me get to my calories since I’ve been having a tough time getting in at least 1200/ day.  I need to make sure I’m not starving myself and that I’m getting the calories I need to keep my metabolism running on high 😉




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