Day 33 (Friday)

27 04 2012

I am EXHAUSTED!  Working on getting up early every day and have been up at 7am the last two days.  I realize that in the grand scheme this isn’t early but I am adjusting so for me it is! lol  Got up, went to the gym, burned 500 calories and then did strength training focusing on my legs since A and I did mostly arms on Wednesday.  After that I came home and mulched the entire front of the house.  I am BEAT!

Tonight we are going to the Colts draft party down at Lucas Oil.  Andrew Luck is making an appearance and while I will miss Peyton it’s time to accept the change, support the team, and move on.  I will note………….still dislike Irsay 😉  Looking forward to some half price consessions.  I’m hoping the beer is half price! lol  Here we come, cheat night!


Day 32 (Thursday)

27 04 2012

Burned 750 calories in cardio yesterday and saved up all my calories for dinner. lol  Well….I didn’t starve myself, but I was VERY careful what I ate as we went to Houlihan’s for dinner.  I had my bday certificate for a free meal and wanted to go on Thursday when they have the free lobster tail with your steak!  It was worth saving calories and I did track what I ate (including dinner) and miraculously only was over by 200 calories more than normal.  I figure that’s ok since I burned off 750 that morning 😉

Day 31 (Wednesday)

25 04 2012

Today was my final personal training session with A ;(  I’m so sad to lose that extra motivator but KNOW I can keep this going on my own.  I just have to keep watching that scale drop and the belly go buh-bye to motivate me.  Not to mention a trip to Vegas requiring a swimsuit in June!


Day 30 (Tuesday)

24 04 2012

Waiting for hubs to come home from work for an evening cardio workout!

EDIT:  On second thought it doesn’t look good.  I had a coupon for some store bought protein bars and had one today.  I feel sick.  My tummy is churning like crazy.  Tried tums but they were not helpful.  Was hoping to go another week without a day off but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen ;(  Sucks, but I can’t really workout when I feel sick laying down.  No more store bought protein bars for me.  I’ll stick with my homemade bars and shakes as I know what is in them!!!  ::barf::

Day 29 (Monday)

23 04 2012

Getting ready to head to the gym in a bit……only two more sessions with A including today and I’m sad that I won’t have that extra motivation anymore ;(  I will miss his extra push but I know I can do this on my own.  It’s been a full month and I’ve been in the gym 6 days every single week and 7 days this past week.  Friday I actually lifted legs on the machines for the first time and miraculously didn’t even get sore except for feeling a bit tight on the backs of my legs.  I guess that means all those squats and lunges and wall sits have paid off!

I want to do an updated picture but I’m scared that I’ll look at it and won’t see the results like I want to.  I don’t want to do anything to discourage myself, especially given how motivating the scale has been and how great my hubby has been.  We’re always more critical of ourselves so I fear that a picture isn’t a great idea quite yet.  I wish I had taken my measurements before beginning but sadly did not.  I took them today and wrote them down for future use.  On Thursday I’m going to ask A to let me do the body fat percentage test so I can see if that has changed.  ::fingers crossed::

So…..a month in and I’m down 5lbs and feeling good.  I wish the weight would disappear faster but I didn’t gain it in a month and won’t lose it that fast either.  I’m learning patience in this process. lol


EDIT:  425 calories on the treadmill plus a killer weight/cardio workout with A.  He kicked my butt today!

Day 28 (Sunday)

22 04 2012

Treadmill!!!!  Incline 12.0 for first 30 minutes and 13.0 for the second 30 minutes.  Total time of one hour, 3.5 miles walked, 860 calories burned!  Take THAT fat cells 😉

Note:  The incline feature is my best friend 😉

Day 27 (Saturday)

21 04 2012

800 calories burned today on the Precor machine and treadmill and then did a bit of abs.  Now enjoying a lazy Saturday at home with the pup and the hubs!