Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bars

30 03 2012

Any of you who have bought protein bars know how expensive they can be.  In my quest to find something chocolatey and gooey to satisfy my sweet tooth while remaining healthy I decided I would look up some recipes and make my own.  After looking at several sites and the different ingredients I came up with my own combo of ingredients in an attempt to make a good tasting, lower calorie, high protein treat.  A lot of protein bars are really high in calories and I wanted to avoid that as much as possible.

Here are the ingredients:

Measurement Ingredient
1 cup Quick Oats
1/4 cup Hershey’s Cocoa powder (unsweetened)
6 scoops Chocolate Whey Protein powder (Meijer)
1 packet Truvia
6 TBSP Natural Peanut Butter (Meijer naturals)
1 cup Fat Free Greek Yogurt
1 tsp vanilla

Mix together all ingredients.  The concoction will be quite sticky and very messy.  Prepare to have protein batter (yeah, that sounds gross) all over your fingers. LOL

Add a touch of water (I used 1 TBSP) to the mixture so that it becomes easier for you to spread in the pan.  I chose to use a 7×11 glass pan and lined it with wax paper.  Spread the mixture as evenly as possible in the pan.

Place the pan in the freezer until the bars become quite solid.  I was anxious to finish them and removed the pan a bit early which made them somewhat difficult to remove from the wax paper.  I cut mine into 10 bars so the nutrition information below is if you make 10 bars.  You could always cut them larger or smaller depending on your tastes.

Note:  The nutrients will vary based on brands used.  Some protein powders have 40+ grams of protein per scoop while mine only has 20.  I used Fage brand 0% unflavored greek yogurt in mine and if you don’t use the fat free kind that will also change the amounts.  You could modify these by adding dried fruit, chopped nuts, etc.  I plan to experiment with the recipe in the future!

Calories Fat Carbs Dietary Fiber Sugars Protein
171 6.5 12 2.8 2.4 18.2



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