Day 4 (Thursday)

29 03 2012

Today I did an aerobics DVD that I have at home and did some light strength training with my exercise band here at home.  I just did NOT feel like going to the gym but knew I had to do something.  I did work up a pretty good sweat but know I didn’t burn the 800-1000 calories like I do when I’m at the gym.  I figure it’s ok to have a light day here and there.  At this point I just have the goal of working out 6 days/week.

Made a trip to Costco last night and decided to buy some Fage plain greek yogurt.  One cup of it only has 130 calories, no fat, and a whopping 23g of protein.  I mixed in a bit of honey for sweetness and flavor and O.M.G…..I have a new found love!!!!  This stuff is FABULOUS!  So I made a trip to the grocery and bought a couple of the flavored ones to try even though the carbs and calories are higher.  This morning I used the Fage to make a smoothie.  I’ll post the recipe for what I made later.  I figure this is a much better “protein shake” than using the powdered stuff.  And lower in calories.

I did pick up some protein powder today as well in order to make some protein bars.  I researched recipes yesterday and made a couple modifications.  They are in the fridge chilling and once I have tested them I will post the recipe and results.




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