Day 3 (Wednesday: 1st workout with my trainer)

28 03 2012

J.E.L.L.O.  Yep…that’s what my legs feel like right now! lol

Went to the gym early and got in 25 minutes of cardio (300 calories burned) before our session.  Then A (which is what I’ll call my trainer from here on out) kicked my butt around the gym doing a full body workout for 30 minutes.  I just walked down my stairs and thought I might fall down the last few as my legs are a bit shakey and weak! I am excited to see how sore I get (I know, strange thing to be excited about) over the next two days.  Our next scheduled workout isn’t until Monday so I plan do stick with cardio the next two days and hopefully repeat the workout on my own come Saturday.

Eating is going well.  Still on track.  Almost opened a bag of chocolate chips last night but convinced myself not to with some help from the hubby.  I am going to allow myself more calories on training days.  Usually I try to stay at or under 1200 and on training days I’m going to up that to 1400.

LESSON LEARNED TODAY:  Eat a healthy, high protein, higher calorie breakfast on training days before going to the gym.  By the end of our session I was pretty weak as all I had before training was one egg mixed with 2 servings of egg whites.  Whooooopsy…..won’t do that again! lol




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