Day 2! (Tuesday)

27 03 2012


Burned 750 calories on the treadmill yesterday morning and hit the 800 mark today!

Many of my friends have asked “How on earth did you do that?”.  Well, I typically START at a 5.0% incline.  Over the first five minutes I increase the incline until it reaches 10.0.  I start my speed around 3.5 and during that same 5 minutes increase it to 4.0.  So basically, by the time my 5 minute warm up is done I’m at a 10.0 for incline and a 4.0 for speed.  Some days I just stay here and other days I increase the incline, lower the speed, etc.  I do a full 50 minutes before my cool down and never dip below 3.6 speed or under 10.0 incline!!!!

The lesson is basically that you can burn the same amount of calories by walking on an incline as you can by running without.  My knees, feet, and hips end up hurting when I run so I’ve learned that my body just accepts a fast paced walk a lot better.


Doing well with logging my food on Spark People and staying at or under the 1200 mark!!!

I also made soup today!!!!  I will post the recipe and nutrition information in a seperate post later tonight or tomorrow!  I looked at a couple recipes for ideas and then altered them to be more heathy.  Lots of veggies and protein!!!





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