Hello world!

26 03 2012

Perhaps to start off I should explain the purpose and reasoning behind my first ever blog.

I recently returned home from my wedding in Mexico and after an entire month of being out of the gym decided it was time to get my ass in gear.  My husband has some personal training sessions leftover and generously has given them to me to use (Thanks, honey!).  So this morning was the first day back in the gym for the two of us and my first training session is this afternoon.

My biggest issue with working out is lack of motivation.  I will do really well for a few days but then let myself get sidetracked.  The personal training sessions will DEFINITELY aid me with this but I also wanted to track all of my progress in one place.  I decided that starting a blog would be the best way to do this.  I plan to detail my journey and my goals.  This is more for myself and to keep motivated than it is for anyone else, but why not make it public?  I mean, if I can motivate someone else who just happens to stumble across my blog then hey…….awesome!!!!

Last week was my initial meeting with the trainer and I weighed in at an embarrassing 188.  At 5’7″ this is certainly not my goal weight.  I have always been bigger boned and had a muscular physique so I never would expect to be 125.  But I do know that I have been healthier and weighed less.  I know that I can substantially lower my body fat percentage (not a big believer in the gadgets that measure this but I was over 30%….YIKES), be more toned, and overall just more happy with the way I look both in and out of clothes!

I should also clarify that this is not the START of my journey, but more of a renewed start.  6-7 years ago I worked out 6 days a week and was super active.  Since then I have had spurts of good and spurts of bad.  My weight has fluctuated as the years have gone on and at my heaviest I was just shy of the 200 lb mark.  I’m proud to have steadily been between 185 and 190 for quite some time.  I feel even 10 lbs is an accomplishment!!!! lol  However, I have struggled with KEEPING motivated and getting to my goal.

So what is my goal?  Well, while weight and body fat are a factor, for me it is more about what size clothing I wear and how I feel about myself.  When I am toned and in shape I am much more confident, feel way more sexy, and just carry myself differently.  Ultimately, I want to feel hot in a bikini 😉  I feel like 160 is a good goal for me initially.  I may end up altering that as I get rolling but for now I think losing 28 lbs is a pretty lofty yet obtainable (with hard work) goal.

How will I get there?  At this point I have 9 personal training sessions from my husband.  I will be meeting with my trainer twice a week and repeating his work out a third time each week on my own.  The other days I plan to do cardio and stay away from the core/strength training to let my body rest (this is at the advice of my trainer who has indicated that letting my body rest is very important).  That gives me 5 weeks of external motivation.  I figure by the time that’s up I will be in a really decent workout routine and should be able to keep it up on my own.  I think I will see a big enough difference over the first 5 weeks to motivate me to keep going and set new goals as I reach the old ones.  Also, I realize that even if you workout like crazy, if you are eating Twinkies, you will not see a change.  I have in previous good spurts used Spark People’s website to track my nutrition.  The site has definitely taught me how to eat better and helped me to realize which foods are actually healthy and which just appear to be healthy!  Starting today I will be tracking my food intake on this site and will also include some of that here in my blog.  Basically I focus on a high protein, low carb diet but don’t leave out carbs all together.  I’ve just learned how to keep myself full (protein) without eating as much.

Disclaimer:  I am by no means as fitness expert.  This is simply what works well for me and how I have chosen to reach my goals.  If it works for you too then great, but I certainly don’t make any promises that what works for me will work for everyone!

On that note………………………here we go!!!!!





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